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Student insurance

When they pay their registration fees, all university students are automatically charged a small amount to cover the cost of a supplementary insurance policy known as student insurance. This offers them protection in case of illness, accident or family misfortune.

Who does the insurance cover?

Officially registered Spanish university students under 28 years of age (in fact, they are covered until the end of the academic year in which they reach this age). Students who have their own Spanish National Health Service number will use the public health service for illness or accident and will make use of the student insurance in case of family misfortune.

Students from Latin America, Andorra, the Philippines, Brazil, Syria, Jordan, Guinea, Morocco, Iraq, Switzerland, North America, Algeria, Haiti, all European Union countries and, in general, students from any countries that have an agreement with Spain in this sense.

Insurance benefit

In case of an accident that occurs during the course of any activity carried out as a student. It includes comprehensive medical-pharmaceutical care, hospitalisation, surgery and financial compensation in case of disability or death, according to the circumstances.

For programmed or emergency surgery. It covers all expenses deriving from diagnoses, hospitalisation and surgical interventions, with some exceptions. Should the student wish to make use of non-approved medical and hospital services, the insurance policy will cover the maximum amounts as established in its rates and tariffs and the student will have to pay the difference.

In cases of schizophrenia, drug addiction and severe psychopathic disorders with institutionalisation for a maximum period of one year. It includes post-institutionalisation care for a period of six months, which may be extended.

For pathological conditions such as pulmonary and bone tuberculosis. It covers hospitalisation for a maximum of three years.

Obstetric services. This includes health care for the student during pregnancy and childbirth.

In cases of family misfortune, that is to say, death of the head of the family or economic insolvency in the household (which does not include the permanent lack of financial resources to pay for the student's studies). Students receive a subsidy for each of the natural academic years they have left before completing their studies. Foreign students are excluded.

Rehabilitation. Here, it covers the cost of rehabilitation deriving from an accident at university or surgery, up to a maximum of 30 sessions.

And, depending on cases, it may cover physiotherapy, cobalt radiation therapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, dialysis or maxillofacial surgery.

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If you need health care, first of all, if possible you should visit the Centro de Salud Laboral Juana Portaceli (Occupational Health Centre) at the UPV, which is open from 8am to 8pm.

In approved health centres, you will be asked for some proof of identity, such as your ID card or passport, and the receipt that proves that you have paid your university registration fees. Furthermore, in some cases, you will have to fill in a form that you can get from any Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (Spanish social security) office and at the Juana Portaceli Occupational Health Centre. You will also have to submit some other documents depending on each case (doctor's sick leave certificate, accident report, death certificate, documents that offer proof of the family's insolvency, pertinent medical reports, and so forth).

If you have any doubts, please contact the Juana Portaceli Occupational Health Centre at the UPV on 963 87 74 07.


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